21 November 2009

Light Breaker Themes

wp-light breaker
(Wordpress Template) Here’s another great make money online WordPress theme. It’s actually new Hosting-Template favorite for non-magazine theme which people use on several of blogs. It’s very well written and all the adsense blocks are already setup. You just need to go into one includes file and change the adsense publishers id to yours.
The sidebar has a great spot for those popular 125 x 125 ads so you can sell ad space or put in your own affiliate ads. The default comes with six of my favorite affiliate program ads so feel free to change the affiliate ids to yours (or signup if you don’t have accounts for them yet). There’s also a nice 468 x 60 header banner spot where you can place another adsense block or just a regular ad. I recommend using a regular ad since adsense can only appear three times per page.

I did change a couple items in this template as I felt it was better suited for everyone. The sidebar uses the cool idTabs feature (javascript that changes the tab once you click on it) for three tabs. I removed the “Most Commented” tab and replaced it with the the “Popular Posts” tab instead which uses the Popularity Contest plugin. There were also some spelling errors I corrected which were minor. I also added some onblur javascript so when you click on  the “subscribe via email” text it disappears instead of you having to erase the text in the box.

Other Areas
When you first install this theme you might experience a problem with the sidebar tabs (at least I did). The idTabs uses jquery and might conflict with one of your other plugins. For me, it was having trouble with the WP Lightbox plugin so I had to disable it before the idTabs would work properly. You’ll just need to disable any plugins that use jquery until you find the one it conflicts with.
The footer was also updated as well but feel free to move things around however you like. If you’re using widgets then you will appreciate the fact that the footer of this theme (4 columns) is actually widgetized, just drag and drop those widgets into place.
The author also states that it’s important to read the included “readme.txt” file because there’s lots of custom pieces to this theme.
Overall, this is a wonderfully built and designed WordPress theme by Moses. Hosting-Template highly recommend it to anyone looking for a free make money online template that’s ready to go.

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